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26 Sep

Impulse purchase of the day: GMB F1 PROGRAMME

What do I want to get out of F1?

  • Look amazing naked. I’m in the best shape in the history of Lucia!
  • A heart-friendly, sustainable way to train. I’ve been lifting weights since I was 14. I might’ve discovered Crossfit this year and got a personalised training programme, but something’s missing.
  • Something new, something challenging, something like gymnastics. Perhaps getting into GMB is my way to realise my unfulfilled gymnastic dreams. My parents signed me up to gymnastic class, but soon the instructors told my parents to take me home because I was ‘too tall’. I was 7 years old.
  • Stronger core for DB.

What was my first-ever GMB workout like?

Today’s workout focused on balancing. I had a quick walk through the manual, videos, etc. then jumped right into the warmup and workout.

The way GMB programmed the warmup is extremely comprehensive. It engages every muscle in your body and makes sure you break into a sweat by the time you start the workout.

There was a lot of new moves that I have to learn. I found some moves manageable (e.g. Front Scale), some fun (e.g. Crow Holds) and some impossible (at least for now, e.g. Tripod Tucks). I’m still working towards my handstand – my wall walks are certainly improving.

Tomorrow…onto strength.