My final verdict on grain free diet

2 Feb

Now the keyword of this post is MY final verdict.

Why didn’t it work for me?

  • Not sustainable. 

The diet I was brought up on was rice-oriented. (Duh, I’m Chinese!) Veggies we had plenty, but meat was seldom a centerpiece of any meal. Now going grain-free took my rice away and forced me to adopt a completely different approach to cooking and eating.

  • No real motivation.

A good friend of mine has been on a strict Paleo diet for health reasons. If you ask her, she’d tell you that Paleo has changed her life for the better. Much better. She gave me plenty of tips and encouragement for which I’ll always be grateful. Unfortunately, I have no real health motivation to stay grain free.

  • Pretty expensive.

I bought a lot of meat because I was eating a lot of meat. Before I started out, I limited my red meat intake to no more than two meals a week, mainly for environmental reasons. When meat became the center piece of every meal, I gave up this criterion.

I was buying good, happy meat too. I tried to get free-range chicken and, where possible, organic. I know that wasn’t necessary, and it certainly broke the bank.

  • Higher body fat % + heavier lean mass = weight gain.

A by-product of a protein-dense, low carb diet. Unfortunately I wasn’t really after packing on more weight. My dietitian was furious when I told my dietitian about my 21-day grain-free stint. Why? She told me that I was eating too much meat. It’s not research-based and has no scientific backing. If you look at the average lifespan of actual ‘cavepeople’, the so-called reinvented Paleo diet is a load of bullcrap.

I wouldn’t go so far as to dismiss grain-free/Paleo entirely, though. What did I learn?

  • Ethical eating is something I can commit to.

I paid a lot more attention to choosing where I buy more food. I hate buying from big evil corporate supermarkets and I like supporting the local butcher and small businesses at the farmers markets. If I ate less meat and reverted to my rice-oriented diet, I could well afford buying good, happy meat from a local, friendly, cheerful source.


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