22 Nov

day 9

breakfast: tomato basil bread, leftover salmon and tomato, soy decaf flat white
lunch: newtown chicken (grilled chicken breast, spinach, mash, ewwy sodium-loaded bacon)
tea: soy choc
dinner: cider perch
dessert: rum & raisin ice cream

day 10

breakfast: tomato basil bread, soy choc
morning snack: soy decaf flat white (campos beans – not too shabby), then after spending 3 hours on the bus, three fucking cavendish bananas
lunch (at 4pm?): 3 slices of date and walnut bread with half an avocado and a tiny bit of brie
early dinner: carrot and split pea soup with coconut cream, fruit log

this grain purge is getting too much. i spend so much time and energy wondering WTF i can eat next. it’s fun at times. at other times, it’s a pain in the butt. i’m sick of quinoa bread. meat day tomorrow, and the day after too. i need my meat.

can you feel my frustration?



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