12 Nov

One more essay left to do then I’m done for the year. Looking back at all the things I’ve achieved in the past year is overwhelming to say the least.

  • Recovering from PTSD and major depression
  • Travelling through Rome, Silesia, Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt
  • Moving out of college and into the most awesome sharehouse in the universe
  • Teaching myself how to start a milk crate veggie garden
  • Quitting mindless weight lifting
  • Falling in love with dragon boating and floor training
  • Going to therapy and meditation as if my life depends on it
  • Making new friends and reconnecting with old ones
  • Procrastibaking like a boss
  • Deciding that I want to do my Honours in the Holocaust
  • Getting a job at a grain-free bakery without actually looking for a job
  • Generally winning at life

In the spirit of going from strength to strength, I’ve decided that it’s time for another restart. Starting tomorrow I’m going Paleo for 21 days. I anticipate not too many changes/sacrifices. I will miss my grains (rice and oats) the most. Yes, beer and ice cream too. I also need to read up on grain-free breakfast options other than omelets. The best thing about working at a grain-free bakery is all the grain-free goodies I can get. This will be fun. I wonder how long I’ll last, but it’ll do great things for my heart.


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