How does one blog?

29 Sep

This blog is for those of us who are trying to find our purpose in life. There, I said it. This blog’s going to tackle the big questions – questions we’re too afraid to ask anyone, not least ourselves. Questions like these…

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • If I were to die tomorrow, what legacy would I be leaving behind?
  • What are my wildest dreams and my most crippling fears?
  • What are my grandest achievements so far?
  • How do I move on from trauma – big or small?

Or my personal favourite

These questions call for a holistic approach. For the longest time I’ve been trying to work out what it means and what it takes to have a healthy, compassionate life. Here’s what I’ve learnt so far…

  • Fitness is not health
  • Mindfulness, compassion and meditation have incredible potentials for personal growth
  • Discipline of gratitude

We would fare far better if we learned to consider gratitude a discipline of the heart – one that requires attention and consistent practice. It requires practice when it’s easy and even more practice when it’s difficult. And the more we train ourselves to that end, the more we are able to access it when we most require it.

  • Know your food

What’s my niche?

Some blogs preach paleo, primal, Crossfit, HIIT, Tabata, etc. and seem to think that’s the only way to lead a healthy life. Then there are the less hardcore blogs that dish up all that information without actually making a judgment. This blog will try to make a judgment. E.g. I’m not a paleo advocate, nor do I Crossfit (at least for the time being).

Common to many health/fitness blogs is the admirable theme of self improvement. Frequent taglines are something along the lines of ‘how to look great and feel great’. This blog’s no different, except it’ll include a spiritual dimension. We all want to look great – whether naked or clothed – and feel great, but how often do we stop and ask ourselves ‘why?’ Why do you want to look great? What do you want to achieve by feeling great? Only when we consider the spiritual dimension can we appreciate our motivations behind our quest for perfection.




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